Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Mantle

Pin It  I'm finally getting my spring mantle post together. Yay me! This is also the first post I've done in a while... My poor computer has been broken. But I finagled my sisters computer away from her so I could squeeze this in.

I really wanted my spring mantle to be fresh, and very... Springy. Yes, I said it. Springy. And how else to do that other than using white. Lots of it. I wanted the whole mantle to be white. And here is what I did with it.

 Fresh white flowers...

Mason jars that I spray painted white and then sanded them down to get an aged look... And of course had to add some jute twine...

A tin bucket that I got at Target for $1. I painted the burlap antique white, and then drew the 2 on there with a black paint pen. Then I put the whole thing on there with some spray adhesive. And Those candle sticks... Used to be green. Nough said.

And my word tree! Well, not really words. Just, letters. But I really like it. I have used these little branches in three of my mantles. My Halloween mantle, my winter mantle, which I painted them white for, and now my spring mantle.

Then I took these cute little tags, and stamped them with my lowercase typewriter stamps.

Aaaaand that's my spring mantle! You like? I love! pretty and simple. Yeaaaaahhh. 

So, did you do a spring mantle? What kind of color scheme did you go with?


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