Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creating With The Stars Competition

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Hey guys! So, have you heard of a little competition called Creating With the Stars (used to be called Crafting With the Stars)? It's now being run by the fabulous girls over at East Coast Creative! I just entered one of my projects... My most visited project on the blog actually. My post about how to turn any tray into a picture frame. It's one of my favorite projects!

Remember that one?! Well, if you have a few seconds, head on over to East Coast Creative, and give my little thumbnail a click. The 12 blog stars and East Coast Creative choose the first 11, and then the link that is the most "popular" will win the 12th spot! I would really love to compete in this competition, so just in case my fabulous little project doesn't make it, maybe all the love that you guys give it will help! THANKS A MILLION!!!

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