Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spending Cleanse... Week 3 Update

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Is August ooooooveeeer yet...?? Haha, can you tell I'm starting to get a little tired of this now? Well, I am. It's been three weeks, and we've been doing really well. We did spend the most last week that we've spent so far... But that's ok. I planned on that happening. That's why I told you the goal was to spend the least amount of money early in the month so that we had more for later. Just in case.


But this week we are doing well. We haven't spent anything so far this week. And I haven't gone anywhere. Well, that's not entirely true. I did have to make some errand runs, but they were for work purposes, so it doesn't really count. By the way, can I tell you how awesome it is to say that I'm "working" when I'm crafting now? Cause it's awesome.

Anyways. So, not really that much to report for the week. We are getting a little restless and stir crazy, but that just means that we have to get creative. And I'm ok with that! The hardest time for me so far, was the other day when it was raining. It had been raining all day, and it was just kind of one of those lazy days, you know? We had been watching movies and just hanging out around the house since we didn't really want to go anywhere in the rain. And then we were getting ready to watch Hunger Games that night, and had stocked up on some dollar candy from walmart... And we really wanted to just order a pizza... And I love pizza. You know this.... But we held strong, and didn't do it. I think I may deserve some kind of an award for that. Just sayin...

Here is the breakdown of our expenses last week:
Groceries: $62.00
Treats: $6.00
Treats: $7.00
Total: $135.00
Money Left: $117.24

See those two little treat trips in there... I told you it was kind of a hard week! Plus, the sister and I had a little girls night, and you have to have a little junk food on girls night! Right?

Getting ready to finish up the last week now. And technically it will be a week and a few days... Bring it on!

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1 comment:

Karen said...

I like this idea and you are so good at holding yourself back from spending!! I feel like buying pizza almost every night:) You ROCK! Have a great weekend.