Thursday, September 20, 2012

15 Tricks to Treat Your Halloween, One Artsy Mama

Pin It Hi there, Katie's friends and followers!  I'm Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I'm excited to be here today to participate in:

I have to confess, I actually hate Halloween {sorry, Katie!}, but I do try to find some fun and festive things to do with our 4 year old son, Little Crafter, each year.  He loves dressing up and getting candy, although since he doesn't care for chocolate, all he really wants are the lollipops!
Once the coveted lollipops are in the house, we have to find a place to put them.  The cabinet is no good, because he wants to see them {all the time} and look at every single one before he chooses which one to eat.  Last year, we made these cute terracotta pumpkins with some friends:

The kids really loved them, and I did too, but unfortunately, we learned that terracotta is indeed breakable.  Ours is still in tact, but one of our crafting buddies O-man learned that lesson the hard way.  So, this year, I went in search of something soft and unbreakable that could be just as adorable.
I hit the jackpot in the Target dollar section when I found these little felt containers:
With a little paint, a little felt, and some imagination, we came up with our 2012 version of a:

Here's what we used:
- felt container from the dollar section
- orange and green felt
- orange and black fabric paint
- scissors and craft glue
- empty paper towel roll
STEP 1: Little Crafter dipped his paper towel roll in fabric paint, then onto the container. 
We learned this fun technique from my buddy Carmella when she made some awesome photo frames that way.
Here's how it looked after step 1:
STEP 2: While the paint dried, we made a felt jack-o-lantern. 
I cut the shapes from orange and green felt and LC glued them together.  Then, he dipped the end of a paint pen and a fabric marker into black fabric paint to make the eyes and nose.  I freehanded the smile. 
Oh, by the way, ignore the stray washi tape, glue, and paint all over the craft table. Yikes.  I always feel like I should apologize to hubby's aunt, whose wedding gift money we used to buy this really nice table, whenever I deface it.  Aunt Vera, if you're reading, I'm so so sorry.

Ahem, on to step 3.
STEP 3: Glue jack-o-lantern onto dry container.

Cute, huh?  All that's left to do is...fill it!  I think this was LC's most favorite part!
Ta-da!  All ready to be eaten, and fun to look at too.


Thanks, Katie, for inviting me here to share our project today!  Hope you all enjoyed it.  I'd love to have you stop by One Artsy Mama to say hello and see some more of our fun Fall and Halloween related projects.  I also co-host a regular link party each Friday and a special Pumpkin themed party too where you can share your own creations with me!  I love to gain and share inspiration.
Happy Crafting!
Amy is so cute and lots of fun! She also runs lots of great tips on her blog, including her expanding Grow Your Blog Series. Make sure you stop to check it out!

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