Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rainy Days

Pin It So its been overcast and rainy for a few days now. My favorite kind of weather for two reasons: One, I love rain. And two, its the perfect excuse to stay indoors, in my comfy sweat pants, and create stuff! Yesss. So when my son was born, I wanted something cute and creative that I could use to mark the milestones throughout his first year. Enter a custom made chalk board. I had seen this idea around and was really wanting to make one, so I decided to go for a big one and use it for Graysons first year.

You can make a chalkboard out of just about anything since the paint can go on most surfaces. I wanted my chalkboard to have a cool frame, so I decided I would repurpose an old picture. I went to a GoodWill store and found an old large frame for 13 bucks, picked up some sand paper and chalk board paint at Hobby Lobby, and I was ready.

Materials Needed:
Large or small picture frame with glass
Chalkboard Spray Paint
220 grit sand paper
Acrylic paint (optional)
Paint brush (optional)
Antiquing paint (optional)

Remove the glass from the frame and lay it on a flat and even surface. Take your sand paper, and rough up the surface of the glass. You dont have to get too intense with it, but just enough so that you can see the scratches on the surface.
Once thats done, clean off the surface removing all dirt and dust. Take your glass outside and lay it onto a papered area. Shake the can of chalk board paint really well for a few minutes. Then, starting off the edge of the glass, start the spray and go evenly across the glass, continuing off the other edge. Repeat this all the way down the frame.
Then repeat going in the opposite direction you already sprayed (go vertical if you already sprayed horizontal). Once you have gone both directions, repeat again for a second coat. You dont need to let the paint dry between coats. Be sure to hold the can a decent distance away to avoid drips.

Once you have both coats on, let dry. Once its dry, take your chalk and rub it all over the board using it long ways. Place the glass back into the frame, and your done! A home made chalk board!

The frame I chose was gold, and I didnt want that color but I liked the design of the frame. The good thing about gold is that its really easy to rough up and "antique". I took some brown acrylic paint and a dry paint brush, and "rubbed" the brown paint on the frame. Super easy. You could also add some antiquing paint if you like. Get creative to achieve the effect that you want!

Here is something else that I was working on the other day that I decided to make for my sister:

Materials for Burlap Frame:
Burlap (black and brown)
Wood Letter
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Black and White Acrylic Paint
Foam Brushes

I was obsessed with burlap this fall and was doing anything and everything I could with it! I took a frame I had sitting in my closet, and cut a piece of burlap to fit. I painted my letter with black acrylic paint, and then used a small round foam brush to make the polka dots with white acrylic paint. While that was drying, I hot glued the burlap to the cardboard backing of the frame. I took the glass off and set it aside (who knows, maybe I'll use it for another chalkboard frame!).

I then cut my ribbon to match the length of the frame, and hot glued it to the burlap. Next I made my rosettes. I cut a long strip of burlap and made it about three inches wide. Fold the end of  that strip in half long ways, and then fold it in half again. Then you can roll it up from the end and make it as big or as small as you want. Cut the strip and then glue the end in, or onto the bottom. Yay! Rosettes! I made three, one out of black burlap.

Once your letter is dry, put hot glue on the back of the letter and place it on the burlap where you want it. Hold it down firmly for  a minute or so. Now place your rosettes on the ribbon and glue them in place where you want. I did mine all in a row, but put them wherever you want!

Now you have a super cute frame and it would be great as a gift!

Well thats about all for today. Now its off to the kitchen to get some dinner ready. Im thinking its a crockpot kind of night. Pin It

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rnwendy said...

I love your frame for keeping track of Grayson's milestones! I so wish all this creative stuff was available back when my kids were born. Well heck, the computer wasn't even in homes in the late 80's & early 90's! By the way, he is adorable! The other frame is cute as well. I just came across your site & i'm enjoying it.