Saturday, January 14, 2012

Going on Two Years and the Rest of Our Lives

Pin It So the other night I was laying in bed watching a little tv before I went to sleep, and my husband walked into the room. I immediately snuggled further down into the covers and made a sleepy smacking noise. He knows hes not going to make it out of the room without having to do a few things for me first.

Honey can you turn off the bathroom light? And honey can you turn the fan on? And honey can you turn the tv off?

He does it all with a smile.

What is the point of this story? I'm married to one of the sweetest and loving men ever. He is my best friend and I am truly lucky. And I was thinking all of this while I was reminiscing over our weding photos.

And I wanted to share this with you:

This was our wedding invitation. It was designed and drawn by my husbund. He drew it and then we took it to a paper studio called Paper Planet right here in Fort Worth.

 They took the design and printed it up for us. Voila! A one of a kind wedding invitation. The WR stands for Wild Catter Ranch, which is where we had our wedding.

Aren't the little doors cute! I thought they were a nice touch. I was sooo proud of him for making something so beautiful for our wedding, and we got lots of compliments from our guests.

We also decided to do something fun for the thankyou cards that we sent out after the wedding.

Aren't those cookies awesome?! Loved them. I had a friend of mine, Rebcca Schaeffer, take these photos for us, and then I went to Kinkos and had them printed up. Super cheap!

Love it. When you create it yourself, you can put your own flare on it, and it usually ends up costing less than if you were to buy it somewhere.

And the place we got married at, Wild Catter Ranch, was absolutely amazing. We loved it. I was looking for a place that would be secluded, and kind of off set. I wanted a rustic, country chic wedding. And this place was the perfect background for it.

This place is set in the beautiful hill country out in Graham, Texas. It had goooorgeous views.

This is the pavillion where we had our outdoor reception. The hotel even had blue margaritas to serve with the delicious mexican cuisine we had for the dinner.

I LOVED these. They hung on either side of the front entrance of the hotel for the weekend event.

Picture taken by Sarah Halferty with Lightly Photography

I loved my photographer. She did an amazing job and was super creative with our shots!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me... Hopefully these shots inspire you to get creative for your event!

Until next time... Pin It

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