Monday, January 9, 2012

Some particle board and fabric makes for some cool projects...

Pin It Its raining outside. And thundering and lightning. *Love. It.* And when its raining outside, what better is there to do than to create something? I found a tutorial and some inspiration here.

She does a great tutorial on the bench she makes. And since the hubs helped put this together... I dont have too many pictures... :(

My sister was needing a headboard and an entry way something or other to set her stuff on when she walked in. So I decided to set to work on making her something for Christmas. The headboard was easy to do, I just needed to pick out some fabric. As for the bench... Well that was going to be more difficult since I needed to find the perfect coffee table to start.

But as fate would have it... I was driving around one day and I happened to notice this huge banner across a store front that said: Resale and Thrift Shop. *Jack Pot*

I went in, carrier (and 16 pound son) on arm. I wondered the store and was feeling let down since there really wasnt any furniture I could use. Then I saw the store connected to next door so I took a peek. It was just a room full of junk piled on junk (is there any other kind?). But I immediately spotted exactly what I needed.

See? Gasp, right? It was in pretty rough condition, but was still sturdy and thats all I needed it to be. Plus the detail on the front and on the legs sold me immediately. I whipped out my trusty black spray paint in satin finish and got busy.  No sanding needed.

Once that was painted and dry, I set to work on the cushion part. All you need is particle board to match the same size as the top of the table, foam a tad longer and wider than the particle board so you dont get poked with wood (ha!), a staple gun and staples, and fabric. I used three inch thick foam on the bench and 2 inch thick foam on the headboard.

Love it.

Lay the fabric on the ground, then lay the particle board in the middle, and the foam on top of that. Pull the fabric up on one long side and staple it to the back of the particle board. Then fold up a short side and staple it. Next do the other long side followed by the last short side. Trim the excess fabric on the back. Kind of like wrapping a present... That you can sit on.

The last step would be to screw the particle board onto the coffee table from the underside. I used a handy tool called the Hubster.
I sat on the bench to hold the cushion down while he layed on the floor drilling from underneath. We put six screws in total. Two on each end and two in the middle.

It turned out sooo great and I was so excited with how simple it really was.

The same goes for that gorgeous headboard.

I know the pictures of the headboard arent the best, but like I said, the hubster did it. I was super in love with this fabric. Its black with a flat paisley design. I picked it based on the colors and theme she wanted, with purple and black. Im also making a shelf to go above it once that is attached to the wall, but that is still in the works :).

To make the headboard, use the same method as wrapping the bench cushion. And ps, when you go to the craft store and hardware store to get your supplies, make sure you have your measurements in hand. That should be obvious but, apparently not to me. I had to go back. Twice.


Here are some pictures of the headboard sitting on her bed. Excuse the poor pictures...

Once we actually attach it to the wall it will hang a few inches above the bed. And once the shelf is made it will sit right above the headboard... I will post about that once its underway.

Ta-Dah! Easy and simple ways to repurpose furniture and to add to existing furniture to make it look more grand.

 If you try this, send me pics so I can see what you do!

Until next time..... :) Pin It

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