Sunday, January 8, 2012

Obsessed with Canvas

Pin It Its a Saturday night and Im sitting here sipping on left over champagne from brunch with my sister this mornimg. Grandma has offered to come over and babysit tonight so the hubs and I can go out for the night. I have a little free time.... So here I am. And I must tell you, I love canvases. I will mod podge ANYTHING to a canvas. Its so super easy and quick, and you pretty much cant mess it up. Thats my specialty. Easy, quick, fool proof. Of course, I am referring to my projects...

With this particular project, I got a size canvas that I couldn't print a picture in the same size because of the resolution, hence the painted sides. But I love the way it turned out. You could also put scrap book paper on the sides if you're feeling frisky.

You'll notice that in some places I dripped/smeared some mod podge... But it doesnt matter. Once its all dried, you wont see it. See? Fool proof.

Here the mod podge is wet. It looks milky when wet but will dry clear. You can add as many coats as you want to achieve the look you want.

I do two or three coats, letting each one dry in between,  to get a little more texture and vintage feel. Once the mod podge is dry, you can paint the edges of the picture and the canvas. I mixed black and metalic gold together for the black and white picture, and brown and metalic gold for the color picture. Use the foam brush to apply the paint to the canvas and picture edges. It will take a few coats to cover the canvas so that no white is showing through.

Dip the edge of the brush in the paint and then dot some of the extra paint off on the paper plate so that you dont get too much on the picture. Go around the edges of the picture brushing the paint onto it to make a thin or thick border... Whatever you choose.

Here is another one I did of one of our wedding photos. Its just a tad amazing... :)

I did a thin border on each side, but brought it out in the corners. For the color on this one, I mixed brown, black and metallic gold. I also used a paper towel to do the edges for this one, which added more paint texture. And the great thing about the mod podge, is that if you messed up on the paint, you could just use a damp paper towel to wipe it away and redo it. *Genius*

These also make great gifts. I did the two of my son for the Grandparents for Christmas. I will probably end up doing a whole gallery of these since I love them so much.... A wall of photo canvases... Of all different sizes... Yep. Thats gonna happen.

Well, its about that time to start dinner... Garlic pasta and cheesy garlic bread... Expect that post some time later this week!
Send me pics if you try this project!

Until next time...

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