Thursday, May 17, 2012

House Projects... {A Series}

Pin It So its 11:45 pm here in good 'ol Fort Worth and I can barely hold my eyes open... But I'm all, must write this post because I haven't posted anything in like three weeks.... So sorry about that. You would think I would be better at giving notice, or have some guest posters or something... But I'm just not that put together... Yet ;).

What have all you lovely ladies been up to in these past few weeks? Well let me tell you, I have been buuuuusssaaayyy! Like, for realsies. We finally found a house to rent, and we start the moving process this coming Monday! Yeaaahya! And on top of that, I'm getting ready for a craft show that is on the 26th. Phew! I for sure need a massage or something after all of this. It's a lot of work. But I am loving every minute.

And since I am moving, and into a fabulous little house, I have lots of new projects ahead of me... Which inspired me to do this series. Instead of just posting a bunch of stuff about all the things I have coming up, I will be adding the major projects and makeovers with before and after pictures of the finished products. I will post the projects room by room so that I'm not jumping around all over the place. And I do believe the first place I will start will be the kitchen. Cause why not?

So be looking for this series to start up in the next two weeks or so... And I will also be doing another series about my First experience with the craft show I am doing, later in June. Lots of fun stuff coming up!

As for now... Here are some of the things I am using as inspiration for my kitchen makeover... You can also check out my Getting Organized Board on Pinterest to drool over even more awesome eye candy!

Ok, are you excited?! Me too! So be on the lookout for my first post in the series in just a few weeks! And I promise, I will be better at posting something, even if I'm not doing my regular postings on Sunday, Monday, and Friday.

Until Next Time....

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