Monday, December 12, 2011

Ahhh Christmas Time....

Pin It Im sitting here on the couch watching my son bat around his hanging toys on his play mat and then nearly having a kaniption fit with laughter. Well, sort of laughing. More like grunting while he smiles. The Christmas tree is lit, the lighted garland is on in the kitchen, and its overcast outside. A perfect December day. Christmas break is in four days and that means no work for two weeks! Oh yeah. Almost time to start power shopping and wrapping. Its funny to me that people seem to get crankier at this time of year, but I guess its because they're hungry and the lines at the food court in the mall are a mile long.... Tis the season.

One of my newest obsessions this year is wreaths. Big ones, small ones, ones with decorations, and ones without. I made a couple of different wreaths this season. One I made for fall, and the other two were Christmas wreaths I made with deco mesh. Super easy and fast, and the result is a beautiful wreath that looks like it took you a long time to make.

See?! Gorgeous.
Materials for Deco Mesh Wreaths:
One roll of each color of deco mesh
red paint
foam brush
floral pins
foam wreath
hot glue gun and glue stick
decorations and embellishments if you want

Put some paint on a paper plate. Using your foam brush, paint the green floral wreath. It should only take a minute or two to dry. Once its dry you can start pinning the deco mesh. Starting with the outter layer, take the end of the mesh and pin it to the outside of the wreath. Gather about ten inches down, and then pin it about 3-5 inches from the first pin. Repeat this all the way around the outside of the wreath. Now get your second color of mesh. Pin the end on the inside of the wreath. Use the same gathering and pinning as you did on the outside. Now, youre done with mesh! Once thats finished you can glue on any embellishments you want for the finishing touches.

And I know this is a month late, but I was so in love with my Thanksgiving centerpiece so I have to post a picture! I can always do a tutorial for the glitter pumpkins in a different post if anyone is interested.


Well, the day is winding down now and its time for a little tv and snuggle time with the hubs!
Hope you enjoyed the wreath tutorial, and post pictures if you try it!

And of course Im on pinterest, so follow my boards to see where I get some of my ideas!
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