Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dont Let Your Blog Get Deleted!

Pin It Holy Cow, I didn't even know this could happen. So apparently there are a few bloggers who have lost their blog. As in, it no longer exists. One day it was there and the next it was gone. And Google is doing nothing to restore it.


Unfortunately this has happened to some other bloggers, but dont let it happen to you.

Go HERE to see how you can back up your blog so that if your blog gets 'lost', you wont lose everything. It's super easy and only took me about 5 seconds to do it.

I will be doing this every night now, just incase. So do it.



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Katie Goldsworthy said...

One morning I started getting e-mails saying, "it says your blog has been deleted!" So I went on and yes, that is what it said. I sort of freaked out in my head and then started saying to myself," well, my next blog will have ALL nice pictures"...lol. Funny the things we think about. Anyways, 15 minutes later, it was totally back. Super weird, but super scary! Thanks for the info! I'll be backing it up!!!

@ Creatively Living

FineArtPainting said...

Yes, backing-up your blog makes sense, even if you don't self-host it.

google has nothing to do with it. it's a search engine. it's the blogspot folks you should talk to instead...


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