Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Man Pictures

Pin It It seems like only yesterday I was bearing down in the hospital with my knees at my chest and a team of people yelling at me, "PUSH!". Ahhh, memories. Now, the little (was not so little at almost 10 lbs) nugget is six months old, going on 7. He squeals, rolls around, gnaws on things, and spits food at my face. And yup, I love him. I love everything about him. Even when he makes me want to pull my hair out.

He sits up on his own, but is still a tad wobbly. He doesn't like it when I laugh when he falls over. But I think it's hilarious when people, especially kids, fall. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't laugh if a kid falls and obviously hurts themselves. But kids fall all of the time, and don't hurt themselves about 99% of the time. So I laugh 99% of the time. Kids tend to react the way that adults react around them, and I'm just not the kind of person to freak out all the time over every little thing.

Kids fall. A lot. If they fall and then look up and see you rushing to their side and yelling, 'Oh, are you ok honey, oh no!' Then they're going to freak out and cry, even if they aren't really hurt, or maybe just have a minor skinned knee. But if they fall and then look up and see you smiling at them, and not making a big deal out of something minor, then they are likely to get up, brush themselves off, and keep on runnin. That has been my experience, and I work in a preschool and am around kids everyday.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I love my kid.

He has two bottom teeth now, and is sooo close to crawling. He's been getting up on his hands and knees for a few weeks now, and he just rocks back and forth. And now he's at the point where he's frustrated because he wants to go over there but is stuck right here. Eh, he'll get there. And soon I'm pretty sure.

When I was pregnant, right before I was due, all I did was worry. I was so worried about being a mom. I didn't know if I would be good at it. And for the first month or so, I was pretty unsure of myself as a first time mom. But I grew into it, and I absolutely love it. It turns out, there wasn't much to worry about. I've settled into my roll as this kids momma, and I am utterly content being right where I am.

Hope you like these little pics of him! You can also go here to see how I made this chalk board for his monthly pictures.

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This is SUCH a great idea! I love it and your little man is adorable!

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